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Terms & Conditions

Before attending a session, please read these Terms & Conditions.

General information

  • I can offer you the agreed appointment (day & time) on an ongoing basis.

  • Each session is charged at a fee of £50. This can be paid by cash during the session or by bank transfer in advance.

  • A session is 50 mins long. If you arrive late, you will have the time remaining.

  • If you need to contact me between sessions, e.g., to cancel an appointment, please do so via email or text. I will reply during office hours.

  • Counselling has been shown to be beneficial in many situations, but I cannot guarantee specific outcomes. It can be a challenging process and you may get in touch with new thoughts and feelings that are uncomfortable. We will work together through this, but if counselling is not meeting your expectations, then please do talk to me about this.

  • I am an accredited member of the UKCP. I follow their Ethical Codes, and I am subject to their complaint’s procedures. For details of these please see

  • You can end counselling at any time, I suggest giving a 2 week notice period so we can bring the work to a full ending.


  • I require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to cancel a session.

  • Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours will be charged at the full fee.

  • If you have not attended a session and have not contacted me to cancel, I will assume you no longer wish to continue and will cancel any future sessions.

Online Sessions

  • Please be in a safe and private location where we cannot be overheard or interrupted.

  • Online security is the responsibility of both of us, we can protect our security by using a secure WiFi connection and anti- virus software. Further security is beyond our control and by attending an online session you are agreeing this risk.



  • No content of a session is to be recorded or shared online.

  • The content of all sessions is confidential, except in the following instances:

  1. Where you give consent for confidentiality to be broken

  2. Where I am ordered by a court of law to break confidentiality

  3. Where I am legally required, such as; a safeguarding concern; an act of terrorism; or where I believe a client may cause serious physical harm to themselves or others

  4. Where I disclose relevant information in clinical supervision

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